Our PrincipLEs

Safety & Stewardship
We put safety first by empowering every employee to have “stop the job” authority. No job requires any sense of urgency that would jeopardize one’s health and safety. We respect all policies and procedures that are in place to drive safety and environmental stewardship while constantly looking for ways to improve safety. By reviewing and improving procedures we see hazards are avoided and improved upon”
Informed Risk Taking
We are calculated risk takers who utilize data and rigorous analysis to support our ideas. We experiment small with a focus on long-term value creation and dare to ask “what if?”. We remain open minded and embrace failure as an opportunity to learn and improve our long term value creation.
Soliciting Feedback
With a high value placed on constructive and respectful communication, each individual is encouraged to share and solicit feedback in order to improve decision making and their ultimate performance.
We approach our work and relationships with purpose and conviction, bringing focus and intensity to achieve our vision. We work with tenacity to make our vision become a reality. After healthy debates take place and a decision has been made, we all commit to ensure projects are taken to fruition and evaluated after being implemented.
Humility and Respect
Whether it is solving a complex problem, self-improvement, or evaluating a decision, we work together and leverage each other’s perspectives, experience and expertise. By working together and proactively seeking out opposing ideas, we ensure different views are considered and the best ideas win.
Continuous Learning
We actively seek out ways to improve our capabilities, knowing the only constant is change. We seek out different perspectives, embrace diversity of thought, and actively share the lessons of our failures throughout the company. We seek out classes, seasoned perspectives and other avenues of learning to improve our knowledge as we look to creative long term value.

Meaning Behind “Cholla”:

The Cholla Cactus is one of the most popular and colorful cactus plants indigenous to the Southwest. Its blossoms come in every conceivable shades of red, yellow, and gold. In addition to its beauty, the Cholla Cactus is known for its durable, vigorous, and stubbornly tenacious life span. As the Cholla Cactus, Cholla Petroleum can, has, and will continue to overcome challenging times. Our 60+ year history gives evidence to Cholla’s tough, formidable, and competitive spirit. For more than 60 years the Powell family and Cholla’s team have operated one of the most successful private oil and gas companies in the Southwest. Cholla will continue to live out the tenacious example given to us by the Cholla Cactus.