Cholla partners with idea generators and asset owners to capture and develop prospects with significant upside. We are willing to take big risks for the right prospects.

Deep analysis and informed decisions are critical, but at the end of the day we acknowledge the most exciting prospects need capital, expertise and the will to put a bit in the ground before commercial viability can be proven. Dry holes and uneconomic wells are part of our exploration strategy and always offer an opportunity to learn and improve. We learn from these, move on and choose not to dwell on the dusters.

We spend time to understand a prospect generator's vision, the project's infrastructure needs, and various milestones necessary to achieve commercial viability. By drawing on our past experiences, multi basin knowledge and industry relationship, we are able to apply the most up to date techniques to improve the chances of project success.

Examples of our exploration strategy:

  • Application of horizontal drilling to reservoirs with vertical production or DST shows
  • Re-examination of under-explored basins with known resource presence 
  • Utilization of 3D to better define complex areas with known hydrocarbons
  • Application of newer techniques to previously uneconomic reservoirs with analogous properties to established reservoirs in other areas/basins
  • Partner with outside geologists, engineers and operators who possess local knowledge who want their prospects pursued and tested

* We will acquire PDP assets that involve any of the strategies above with a preference of creating value through the drill bit

What separates us from other companies is our willingness to try concepts without guaranteed results. We are explorers and are always looking for new deals! Please visit our “Partner with Us” section if you have an idea or prospect or are curious how we can create value together.

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