Cholla Ventures

Building something great is hard. Leading with grit, creativity and persistence, we are compelled to continue the legacy of Loyd W. “Slim” Powell.

We opportunistically partner with entrepreneurs who share our values, long-term thinking, and offer compelling opportunities in new industries that compliment our venture mindset and existing capabilities. We leverage our capital, operational experience, and relationships to ensure our partners have the best chance of success.
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Areas of Investments:
  • Bitcoin Ecosystem
  • Data Center Developments
  • All Natural Resource Exploration
  • Carbon Sequestration & Utilization
  • High Voltage Electrical Infrastructure
  • Grid Intermittency Services & Infrastructure
  • Greenfield Renewable Energy Development

"My grandad had a 6th grade education and knew how to work. He recognized that partnering with others who shared his vision was the best way to better his circumstances, and we have all benefited from the choices he made. At Cholla, we don’t give a damn about pedigree. If you have an idea, possess grit, humility, and a desire to better yourself and your community, we want to succeed with you."
- Gideon O. Powell