Partner with Us

We continue to partner with idea generators who want a proven operator that can share in their vision while providing resources to see that vision become reality.

Whether you're on your 1st prospect, a proven oil finder, or an oil & gas company, we partner at any stage of idea and prospect development. We value experience, but more so individuals with passion and demonstrated understanding of complex and out of the box ideas.  If you have a leased prospect or simply an idea, we have the resources required to partner with you in bringing it to fruition.

prospect profile:

  • Operatorship in the L48 & Canada
  • New Play concepts with significant upside
  • Conventional, Unconventional, or “Hybrid”
  • Analogous concept nearby or in another basin
  • Established presence of Hydrocarbons / resources in the basin
  • Compelling full cycle economic returns in lower commodity environment

reasons to work with cholla

  • Utilize our capital to bring prospects to commercial viability
  • Provide needed resources to help incubate sound ideas
  • Prioritize a clean balance sheet enabling us to endure tough times
  • History of working with 1st time prospect generators who have never sold prospects before
  • Have long-term outlook, patience and persistence to pursue complex prospects and acquisitions
  • Structure mutually beneficial deal allowing all stakeholders to benefit
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