About Us

Cholla is a team of innovators, operators, and business professionals, unified in our commitment to finding and developing exploration projects. We understand the unique capabilities required in exploration projects and have decades of experience taking ideas to fruition. Our “old school” experience combined with an open-minded culture enables us to overcome the inevitable setbacks, utilize the most effective technologies, and ultimately deliver the best long-term results.

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Our Vision

We aim to leverage our venture mindset and operating capabilities to be the partner of choice in the discovery and development of energy resources that are transformational and environmentally responsible.

Our Mission

We are an exploration company focused on growing the long-term net present value of our company while making a positive impact in the communities where we operate. We accomplish this by making the best long term decisions, fostering bottom up innovation, eliminating waste, adhering to our principles, and owning and developing assets that allow for value creation through low commodity price environments.

Cholla’s history of challenging conventional exploration practices by going where others were unwilling to go can be traced back to our founder L.W. “Slim” Powell.

Cholla’s Guiding Principles